Whisky tasting


Whisky tasting

Whisky tasting sessions


Are you a whiskylover already or relatively new to this magical spirit and want to know more of the differences in whisky’s? Than you came to the right place to hire the The Dramcatcher for a whisky tasting session.

As we like to say it, the suprise effect is part of the overall experience , so our tastings will be “blind”, you will not see upfront what your are about to enjoy. (we’ll tell you later!)
Hopefully there will be all new experiences, but if you may know the brand already, what would it be like when you do not know what is in the glass presented in front of you? Would you repeat that first moment and love it again….or will you be surprised that it is actually better than any brand you ever had before?

Tastings in private session or for business partners?

Would you enjoy the company of friends, family, colleagues during the tasting session or will it be hosted for your associates or your customers maybe? We’ll make it a fun, educational and nice evening or afternoon by enjoying great whisky’s, new or longer out on the market. You will probably know more enthusiasts to gather a nice group of people and pick a location where the tasting session will be held, it can be at your home, your offfice or any place you want.

Maybe you’ll find you new favorite dram during the tasting session by The Dramcatcher and learn there is more to it than that one you always bought.

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Different choices to book


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None Age

None Age Statement

Whisky without a year of release or aging mentioned.

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12 years

12 years old whisky.

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15 years

At least 5475 days matured in a cask.

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18 years

18 years experience, matured well.

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Whisky’s out of Europe, not from Scotland.

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Blind Surprise

Our preference! Get surprised, be awed!

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Cask Strength

For those with a strong taste (high ABV)

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your own

Choose your own

You decide! Surprise us with your choice!

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