We protect and use your data responsibly, because The Dramcatcher gives top priority to the protection of your privacy and the protection of information that can directly or indirectly identify a natural person (hereafter “Personal Data”). The Dramcatcher has prepared this privacy statement to explain how The Dramcatcher collects and uses Personal Data.
When this Privacy Statement speaks of “The Dramcatcher”, “we”, “we”, or “us”, The Dramcatcher refers to the The Dramcatcher company that makes decisions about the purposes and means for processing your Personal Data under this Privacy declaration.

The Dramcatcher / Marco Smits
d.r. J.M. den Uylstraat 26
4908CT Oosterhout
06-15281024 (available between  18:00 and 21:30 hrs)


1. Does this Privacy Statement apply to you?

This Privacy Statement applies to you if you:

  • Are an (aspiring) customer of The Dramcatcher,
  • Participate or enter into an agreement regarding a tasting via The Dramcatcher,
  • Are a sponsor or supplier of The Dramcatcher,
  • Organize a festival and want to hire The Dramcatcher as a freelance exhibitor,
  • Contact The Dramcatcher: orally, by telephone, by mail or for example by visiting the website including (sub) page “(hereinafter” Website”),
  • Use social media (Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn) pages of The Dramcatcher.
  • Receive e-mails from The Dramcatcher, such as a newsletter, survey, quotation or invoice.

The website is intended for the general public and is not set up to be accessed by children.
We do not collect Personal Data from children under the age of 18, partly due to the Dutch NIX18 campaign. With this, The Dramcatcher wants to comply with the legal requirements to specify the minimum age limit for consuming alcohol (no alcohol under 18). If you are under the age of 18 and you want to use our services, then this is legally prohibited, even if this is assisted by a parent or guardian. If a child under the age of 18 has provided us with Personal Information, the parent or guardian can contact us and we will remove the Personal Information if required.

2. What Personal Information does The Dramcatcher collect?

For the business activities and services, The Dramcatcher will have to process Personal Data.
We cannot provide the services you have requested without your Personal Data. In general, the Personal Data that you provide directly or indirectly to The Dramcatcher consists of:

  • Contact details. your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number;
  • Financial details. your bank account number, payment status and invoices;
  • Identification data. your passport / ID card / driver’s license number.
  • Information about our services. the quotation number, the invoice number, the status of an assignment / agreement and the tasting and/or festival location information.
  • Information about user and preferences. This includes – if applicable – quantities of orders, tenders, invoices, complaints and related commercial activities, communication, information from possible surveys and tasting preferences.
  • Automatically generated information. This includes IP address, unique device or user ID, system and browser type, date and time stamps, referring website address, content and pages that you have visited on our Website or social media, data, times and locations where actions occur take place and device location (if you enable this functionality in the mobile app). Measurements via Google Analytics belong to this automatically generated info.

3. Does The Dramcatcher use cookies?

The Dramcatcher uses cookies and similar technologies on the website. By using these cookies, The Dramcatcher automatically obtains Personal Data as indicated above when you visit our website. The Dramcatcher only uses technical and functional cookies and analytical cookies that do not infringe on your privacy. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit this website. The cookies we use are necessary for the technical operation of the website and your ease of use. They ensure that the website works properly and, for example, remember your preferences. We can also use this to optimize our website. You can opt out of cookies by setting your internet browser so that it no longer stores cookies. In addition, you can also delete all information that was previously saved via the settings of your browser.

4. Why is personal data processed?

Personal data is collected, used, stored or otherwise processed when this is necessary within the framework of responsible, efficient and effective management of The Dramcatcher. The Dramcatcher processes Personal Data, including:

  • Handling your payment
  • Sending a newsletter and/or survey
  • Be able to call or e-mail you if this is necessary to be able to perform our services
  • To inform you about changes to our services and products
  • Provide services to you

This is done on the basis of (an) applicable legal basis (s). The legal basis is often intrinsically linked to the business purpose, such as, for example, that the execution of an agreement can be both the legal basis and the business objective for The Dramcatcher. A brief explanation of the legal basis (s) and business purpose (s) for which The Dramcatcher uses your Personal Data:

Legal bases
In general, The Dramcatcher processes your Personal Data on the basis of one of the following legal bases, because the processing is necessary to:
1. to execute an agreement between you and The Dramcatcher,
2. to comply with our legal obligations,
3. protect vital interests of you or other individuals;

Business Purposes
The Dramcatcher will only collect, use or otherwise process Personal Data if the processing falls under one (or more) of the legitimate business purposes as stated below:

  • Development, research and improvement of The Dramcatcher tastings and/or services. The Dramcatcher processes Personal Data where necessary for the development and improvement of The Dramcatcher tastings and/or services, research and development (for example, analyzing information and feedback during / after the tastings and/or festivals, as well as statements via Social media or other type of contact to improve our services).
  • Conducting tastings and/or services. This includes the provision of tastings, participation and/or (co-) organization of festivals and advice to private individuals and/or companies, being the services of The Dramcatcher, communication with persons and other parties about services, responding to requests for ( extra) information, resolving disputes and drafting agreements, quotations and invoices
  • Relationship management for commercial activities. In general, The Dramcatcher processes Personal Data when necessary for the development and improvement of The Dramcatcher tastings and/or services and the implementation of (targeted) marketing activities to establish and/or maintain a relationship with a customer and a relationship expand with a customer, business partner or supplier.
  • Safety and security. Personal data will be processed for activities related to safety and health, protection of the assets of The Dramcatcher and customers, suppliers or business partners.
  • Conformity with legal obligations. This relates to the processing of Personal Data when necessary for compliance with laws, regulations and specific guidelines for the industry to which The Dramcatcher is subject (for example, checking the names of customers, suppliers and business partners against a list of rejected parties). The Dramcatcher also processes personal data if we are legally obliged to do so, such as data that we need for our tax return.


5. Who has access to your Personal Data?

In general, The Dramcatcher does NOT share your Personal Data with third parties, unless and if applicable, The Dramcatcher will require third parties to perform activities in accordance with The Dramcatcher’s policies and guidelines regarding data protection. If and to the extent required by law, court order or other legal proceedings, for example with law enforcement agencies or other government agencies to establish or exercise our legal rights or in connection with a business transaction such as a divestment, merger, consolidation or sale of assets, or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.

6. Personal data retention period

We will not store your Personal Data for longer than necessary for the purpose or purposes for which we process your Personal Data. After the retention period, we will delete or anonymize your Personal Data, unless we have to store certain Personal Data from you for other purposes. We will only do this if we have a legal basis for storing you Personal Data We will also ensure that Personal Data is only accessible for that other purpose.

In those cases, we will only retain Personal Data that are necessary to comply with our legal requirements.


7. What measures does The Dramcatcher take to protect your personal data?

The Dramcatcher has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your Personal Data from accidental or unlawful processing, including by ensuring that your Personal Data is protected against unauthorized access and thus remains confidential.

8. Where does The Dramcatcher store your personal data and to what is it transferred?

Due to the nature of our business and the services we provide to our customers, The Dramcatcher stores your Personal Data in a (digital) location that is only accessible to The Dramcatcher.

9. What rights do you retain with regard to your Personal Data?

Based on the law that applies to the use of your Personal Data, you may have a number of rights that you can exercise with regard to your Personal Data. In some cases, we are not required to comply – fully – with your request, because we must weigh your rights against our rights and obligations to process your Personal Data and to protect the rights and freedoms of others. Your rights in connection with you with your Personal Data are:

Right of inspection
You have the right to a copy of the Personal Data that we store about you and to information about how we use it. Your Personal Data is usually provided to you digitally. We may require you to identify yourself before we provide the required information.

Right to rectification
We take reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate and complete. However, if you believe that this is not the case, you have the right to request us to adjust incomplete or incorrect Personal Data that we process about you.

Right of removal
You have the right to ask us to delete your Personal Data, for example when the Personal Data we have collected are no longer needed for the original purpose, when Personal Data is out of date or when you withdraw your consent. However, this must be balanced against other factors.
For example, we cannot grant your request due to certain legal or regulatory obligations.

Right to object
You have the right to object to a processing based on our legitimate interests. In the event that the processing of Personal Data takes place for marketing purposes, you have the right to object at any time. If you request us to stop using your Personal Data for marketing purposes, The Dramcatcher will immediately cease the use of your Personal Data. Please note: we may not be able to provide certain services or benefits if we cannot process the necessary Personal Data for that purpose.

Right to withdraw permission
In specific cases, we may request your permission for the processing of your Personal Data.
When we do that, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.
The Dramcatcher will stop the processing as soon as possible after the withdrawal of your permission. However, this does not affect the legality of the processing before the consent is withdrawn.

10. Where can you ask questions and/or submit complaints?

Questions or complaints about the processing of your Personal Data can be submitted to
The Dramcatcher via the contact details at the top of this Privacy Statement.


11. Will this Privacy Statement be amended?

The Dramcatcher may adjust this Privacy Statement from time to time. If an adjustment has a major impact, The Dramcatcher will inform you about this. The Dramcatcher will always publish an up-to-date Privacy Statement on the Website, in which the latest changes with the date are indicated.