Foodpairing and whisky


The Dramcatcher advises small snacks or food that matches the flavour profile of the whisky and not influence the taste too much.

All food with a lot of garlic, pepper or other spirit prepared would affect your senses too much to enjoy the dram served. What can be a good combination to your whisky?

The Dramcatcher whisky thema cask foodparing whisky
The Dramcatcher whisky thema cask foodparing whisky


  • Old Cheese (works better than younger cheese)
  • Blue cheese will work fine, but we would not recommend Port cheese or other alcohol like based cheeses that can have an effect on your whisky


  • Dry sausages, like Spanish fuet. Dutch retailer Albert Heijn sell lovely “AH Excellent Le blanc walnut” (superb!)
  • Raw ham, thin slices or thicker is both an option
  • Parma ham
  • Smoked  ham (with or without honey)


  • Smoked Salmon, slices or on toast
  • Stay away for Mackerel or Eel as these flavours are too harsh with your whisky


  • Figs, Figbread
  • Dates or datesbread
  • Dry roasted peanuts
  • Macademia nuts
  • Walnuts
  • Baguette / shortbread (with or without butter, but no garlicbutter)
  • Pure chocolade (the more cacao, the better)
The Dramcatcher whisky thema cask foodparing whisky
The Dramcatcher whisky thema cask foodparing whisky

2020, Cooperation with ” Bij de Nonnen”

The Dramcatcher will in 2020 join forces with the team at Bij de Nonnen at Zundert to bring  Food and Whisky together via Foodpairing.
Currently, we are creating ideas for the menu. Follow us on social media or websites for data and informatie, or contact us.

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