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European whisky; An Roinn Eòrpa


You probably knew that not all whisky comes from Scotland. However, have you ever made the choice for a whisky from another European country?

Just about every country produces whisky now. On large-scale or in the garage in the back garden, a number of surprises from the whisky’s that I have tasted also came from the EU and you might not imagine that at first thought. Can they still be distinguished for a Scotch? You decide for yourself again if you can compare one of the 5 whisky’s of the tasting with what you already know or have purchased.

Opleidingen 202 whisky distillaten islay wijnacademie

All on board with the European whisky

Sometimes EU whiskeys are hard to come by, since the majority of whisky drinkers will choose a major brand, but I will take you on a road trip through the EU.
A passport is not necessary, because you can sit comfortably during this blind tasting and discover that there is a whole new world for you, starting with the EU.


After you have tasted you will hear which whiskey it was and to which EU country you will have to book your next holiday and visit the distillery.
Then you need to bring your passport!

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None Age

None Age Statement

Whisky without a year of release or aging mentioned.

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12 years

12 years old whisky.

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15 years

At least 5475 days matured in a cask.

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18 years

18 years experience, matured well.

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Blind Surprise

Our preference! Get surprised, be awed!

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Cask Strength

For those with a strong taste (high ABV)

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your own

Choose your own

You decide! Surprise us with your choice!

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