Blind Surprise

Go for the Blind Surprise and cut the BS!


Personally my favorite theme and completely in line with the philosophy that I stipulate and try to express in every tasting. Be surprised! BS … a Blind Surprise!

BS is of course also an abbreviation for BullShit … which actually also applies to what you sometimes hear in opinions during tastings and at festivals, or read online.

  • Do you believe this?

  • “A blend is really inferior to a Single Malt”

  • “Good whisky cannot come from the Netherlands”

  • “A smoky whiskey only hides a bad new make spirit”

  • “Discover the influence of the sea on the taste of whiskey”

Go for the Blind Surprise and cut the BS!

I would like to let you experience for yourself if these phrases are accurate or not, you decide for yourself. It is it is your opinion that matters, determine it for yourself!

A flight (line-up) of 6 whisky’s will be presented to you and after tasting it, we’ll reveal which dram you hopefully enjoyed. Let’s discover if your taste matches the marketing terms…or that you maybe found a new favorite here?

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None Age

None Age Statement

Whisky without a year of release or aging mentioned.

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12 years

12 years old whisky.

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15 years

At least 5475 days matured in a cask.

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18 years

18 years experience, matured well.

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Whisky’s out of Europe, not from Scotland.

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Cask Strength

For those with a strong taste (high ABV)

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your own

Choose your own

You decide! Surprise us with your choice!

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