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Welcome to the website of The Dramcatcher. My name is Marco Smits, born in 1972 and I’m working as an independent Whisky Ambassador for several whisky promotional activities.

More than 30 years I enjoy a good dram myself and for years I’m fascinated on the magic happening in the barrel when water, malted barley and yeast are aged.
This passion I’d like to share with you and let you enjoy a good whisky too, one of the many variations and expressions that are launched.

Hope to see you at one of my tastings or at one of the festivals I’ll be to promote a brand of whisky!


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Business Promotions

As Whisky Ambassador I am:





Full of passion about whisky

Independent Whisky Ambassador

As of 2019 The Dramcatcher is certified as Whisky Ambassador. As an independent Whisky Ambassador, The Dramcatcher loves to promote your brand as well. Think about advise on a whiskyfestival, convention, at liquor stores or at night between a group of friends at your home, bar or office.

Whisky Ambassador Certified The Dramcatcher
Whisky school The Dramcatcher

Private customers

My tastings are:





Good to enjoy new brands of whisky

Whisky tastings

You will probably know more enthusiasts to gather a nice group of people and pick a location where the tasting session will be held, it can be at your home, your offfice or any place you want. 

Maybe you’ll find you new favorite dram during the tasting session by The Dramcatcher and learn there is more to it than that one you always bought.

Make your reservations here for a great whisky tasting

Business promotions or private customers? Please contact us!

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Thanks to you!

Chasing a dream is something you do alone, but it works better with the help of a lot of enthusiastic family, friends and inspirational people I’ve met so far.
Special thanks goes out to Joop & Betsy, Jeannette, Kim & Ricardo & Jax, Kelly & Stefan, Marcel, Elise & Martien and all the people at the cooperations mentioned in this sections as well as all teachers  (Dennis, Bob, Hans, Vic, Peter, Viva, Martine, Charles).


Thanks for your moral, financial and educational support!

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