18 years theme

The theme of this Tasting is 18yo (ochd-deug in Gaelic)


Do you remember when you passed for your driver’s license? It is also that long of a wait before this whiskey could be bottled. 18 years, that really does something with this wonderful and magnificent spirit.

The chemistry between the wood and the new make distillate that went into the cask 18 years ago will probably charm you too.

18yo, can you taste the years?

A definite opportunity to taste six whisky’s that you may have been looking at in the liquor store, but have not yet purchased. After this tasting you can make your decision easier. Will you let him be … or will it finally happen and you’ll buy that bottle? Maybe you choose a 12, 15, 16 year old … or you can try one even older. But is older better? You decide for yourself … and that is only possible through tasting, not through stories or advertisements.

This tasting may cost a little more, but bear in mind that you now have the chance to taste something for a price lower than for what an 18-year-old whisky bottle normally would cost you.

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None Age

None Age Statement

Whisky without a year of release or aging mentioned.

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12 years

12 years old whisky.

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15 years

At least 5475 days matured in a cask.

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Whisky’s out of Europe, not from Scotland.

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Blind Surprise

Our preference! Get surprised, be awed!

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Cask Strength

For those with a strong taste (high ABV)

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your own

Choose your own

You decide! Surprise us with your choice!

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