15 years theme

The theme of this Tasting is 15yo


This whiskey has been in a barrel for at least 5475 days. You will hear what barrel and which whiskey you get to taste after you have tasted it, as this is another blind tasting.

Discover the variation that arises when a new make spirit comes to age for 15 years, possibly finished in a second barrel.
Smell, Taste and Smell again and experience the magic that happens after distillation and maturation for 15 years.

15 years old whisky, familiar or not yet?

You probably tried the 12, 15 or 18-year-old version of what you get to taste, perhaps you knew this 15-year-old by name or is it a fixed value in your collection … but do you recognize it, if you don’t know and have seen the bottle? Can you experience the introduction again based on color, smell and taste?

There will be six whisky’s for you and we hope to surprise you and present some brands you never tried, but even if you tasted them before, did you recognize them? Are you an expert to pinpoint to the exact name and name the one that is presented to you?

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None Age

None Age Statement

Whisky without a year of release or aging mentioned.

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12 years

12 years old whisky.

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18 years

18 years experience, matured well.

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Whisky’s out of Europe, not from Scotland.

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Blind Surprise

Our preference! Get surprised, be awed!

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Cask Strength

For those with a strong taste (high ABV)

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your own

Choose your own

You decide! Surprise us with your choice!

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